Mistakes to Avoid when using Food Processor

Food processor is a very useful appliance that makes your life easier in the kitchen in so many ways. It saves much of your time and energy by taking over the tedious tasks like chopping vegetables, grinding nuts, kneading dough and more. Such a helpful piece of appliance, as expected, will need special care as well. If you handle it properly, it will serve you to the fullest for years. With improper handling, however, you would be running to the repair shops frequently or claiming warranty or ultimately buying a new one. Save your time and money by taking good care of your food processor in the first place. Here are some common mistakes which if avoided will save the food processor from any damage and keep it running smoothly.

Using it in place of a blender

A food processor can do many of the jobs a blender can. However, mixtures that involve a lot of liquid like soups and sauces are best left to the blender. The bowl of the food processor has a line to indicate the level of liquid. If it goes beyond that line, it could leak out of the sides or the top. While it is true that the food processor will not be damaged, a big mess will result requiring a lot of cleanup.

Leaving it on too long

If your recipe requires you to process for a long time, do not leave the machine on continuously without any breaks or else it will overwork the motors. You are risking the motors of burning out. Instead pulse it for a while, pause for a couple of seconds and allow the machine to cool down before resuming.

Adding whole ingredients

Adding whole vegetables or large pieces of ingredients to the bowl is not recommended as it will restrict the movement of the blades and overwork the motors. Instead, chop the ingredients into evenly sized smaller pieces for better chopping or blending and to prevent the food processor from any damage.

Processing hot ingredients

Avoid adding hot ingredients to the food processor bowl as they will damage the plastic portions of the blade. For example while making nut butter; you first need to roast the nuts in the oven. Allow these roasted nuts to cool before processing them because not only will you risk the machine of damage but your nut butter won’t be the right texture either.

Not changing the blades

With time and use, the blades will wear out. Do not ignore it and keep using the machine. Replace the blades immediately. If ignored, the worn out blades will be taking longer to process food, in turn overworking the motors.

Not using the dishwasher correctly

While most food processors offer a bowl, blade and lid that are dishwasher safe, they are designed to be washed in the top rack only. The bottom rack of the dishwasher has a lot of heat coming in, which can wear down the parts. Choose food processor that is dishwasher safe so that you do not have to go through the trouble of cleaning it by hand.

Avoid making these mistakes while handling your food processor and you have nothing to worry about. Your food processor will give you a performance that is 100% for many years.